Vision DCS

Different Convent School with its state of the art architecture and lush green rolling sports fields has been the training grounds for generations of youth that have played numerous games;studied many lessons and hove imbibed values and gained life skills that have helped them excel in life. Sun as our School's symbol epitomizes enlightenment; symbolizes knowledge and gives us the strength to excel academically and become better human beings.

DCS strives hard to help blossom its pupils in to exquisite flowers that spread their fragrance everywhere. Education at DCS is multifaceted development of the child: material, humanistic and divine.

With the aim to import holistic development DCS is committed to providing quality education to children that encompasses academic excellence, impeccable values and spiritual awareness to become useful global citizens as humanity has passed the stages of infancy and youth and is now at the cusp of attaining maturity as symbolized by the Physicaland emotional integration of all human beings in one global village.

DCS upholds that a school is a lighthouse to the society that provides guidance and direction.

DCS is a truly modern school which provides has token up the role of leadership and concerns itself with the affairs of the ages in which we live.

Jai Jagat is the motto that guides DCS to believe that every child has the potential to become a useful and productive member of society to serve in the best interest of the community.

DCS Kinder world is o new age preschool that focuses on a skill based student centric, fun filled model of learning. It has Nursery, LKG and UKG classes.

The robust DCS Sports and Games Programme is bringing medals and winning at not only the state but also the national level. The school with its Outdoor Amphitheatre...

Art and Craft Workshops and Exhibitions, Clay Modelling, Language Workshops and Games, Public Speaking, Elocution, Musical Galas, Choreography Workshops, Yoga...