Chief Patron's DeskExperimental Research is Important to Society

Veenu Goyal

M Phil, B Ed, M Ed
District Awardee

It gives me immense pleasure to announce that our school has been making leaps and bounds since gaining CBSE Affiliation for the Senior Secondary Level to providing education that is more pragmatic sagacious and holistic. The institution has risen like the sun, providing the students the warmth and growth that has broadened their academic horizons and bear a unique insignia of excellence in education.

The aesthetically pleasing new academic and administrative blocks have not only given the institution a face lift but also reflects the care that that is taken to provide the very best possible resources to the students to pursue excellence.

Be it the state of the art Computer Laboratory,the Volleyball Courtyard ,Mathematics Laboratory , Science Laboratories and the pride of DCS ,the Multipurpose Activity Hall;they all aim to provide the best infrastructure facilities from the tiny tots to the Seniors to meet the children's needs at every developmental stage and provide a warm and secure community atmosphere. Co-curricular and extracurricular activities that are necessary for all round development are conducted on a regular basis to provide holistic development under stress free environment.

We have reasons to applaud our excellence in the field of sports,academics and cultural activities at all levels .From the intra class certificates to the medals at the nationalgames; our children have won them all.Our focus is to help students overcome their difficultiesand excel inall their endeavours.

Through the school students council the students learn the democratic way of life;on the sports field they pick up pointers in team spirit and leadership; in the classrooms they learn about life;they learn self-expression and self-reliance. Iwelcome you to join us in broadening the horizons of your child's future. I welcome you to a place that is not only a source of information but that of inspiration. I welcome you to DCS.